my Family
My name is Nathan Stevens and I am a freelance cinematographer based outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have a loving wife, Merriellen, and four wonderful children: Oliver, Eliot, Callan and Evelyn.

my passion
My passion is to challenge and encourage people through the art of visual storytelling. 
Films are a unique medium that allow a viewer to be completely immersed into a story. 
I want my cinematography to grip the audience and bring them into a different world.

my style
Drawing a lot of inspiration from my favorite cinematographer, Roger Deakins, I strive to make a scene look as naturally lit as possible. When watching Deakins' work, I rarely even notice the lighting. It looks so natural and never calls attention to itself.

My camera style is appropriate to whatever story is being told, whether that means a lot of movement, or locked off on every shot. I work closely alongside writers, directors and producers to understand their vision so that I can design the cinematography to compliment the story being told. 
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